Monthly Meetings

AMPS Atlanta 2018 Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2018

Hobbytown USA

Attendees: Dave Black, Tony Zadro, Mike Reaves, John Matlock, David Oswalt, Dean Oswalt, David Hobbs, Mike Whone,  Matt McKean, Randy Bright, Ken Guntin, David Price and Mike Wolfe.

Bob, our visitor from the Czech Republic was back with us today.

Club Business: 

Murfreesboro, TN show will be held November 10th

Annual Show in February:

  - Model Registration Fee will go from $20 to $25 (Still unlimited entries)

  - The Awards Ceremony will move to 6 PM on Saturday

  - We need some ideas/volunteers for Seminars

  - We are planning a visit to the Armor & Cavalry Museum Restoration Area Friday AM 

Ken Guntin is once again this year providing the "Best Master" award.

Models and Modeling Discussion:​

​Dave Black had his in progress Cromwell T28E1 MGMC conversion.  It is a pretty good conversion, but there are some fit problems due towarpage created by the resin casting and cooling.

 Tony Zadro had his finished and mounted Miniart German Rocket launcher.  The kit can be built either as  a 105 mm or rocket launcher.  He replaced the kit rocket crates with Dragon metal crates and the also used the Dragon rockets.  He used Testers paints throughout and the ground work is a mat that he got from Scenic Express.

Mike Wolfe had 2 1/72 IBG Japanese tanks, a Chi-nu, and a Chi-hi. Some photo-etch exhaust screens were provided in the kits and he used Gunze paints on theze models.  Additionally he had 2 1/72 Japanese "paper panzer" tanks that were never manufactured.  He showed several in=box models.  The S Model BMP, Matilda and Trumpeter BTR 70.  All 1/72 scale.

Mike Whone brought three in progress kits, the Leopard 2A6, the Tamiya Churchill, and the Dragon M4 Sherman. The Leopard is being done in a 3 color camo scheme, the Churchill has a base coat of Tamiya Olive Green paint.  His Sherman is almost ready to paint.  He also had the in box new Dragon M113 kit, which has vinyl stowage pieces

Matt McKean had a finished and mounted BT-7 with a german figure.  The base was done with Sculptamoldand painted with Tamiya paints.  He also had a Tamiya Walker Bulldog.

Ken Guntin had two in box models, the Trumpeter T80 BV and the Model Collect T64 ABVB.

David Hobbs had two in box models, the Rye Field  1/35 Sturmtiger with interior and the Takom 1/35 Late Panther D.

Club Project:

Mike presented the next Part of the M2/3 Dragon Halftrack ​build.  He is still building the 3 different versions of the Dragon kits.  

That's it for this month. 

As usual, some went over to Side Lines for lunch and lies. 

See everyone next month.