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AMPS Atlanta 2019 Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2019

Hobbytown USA


Attendees: Dave Black, Tony Zadro, David Hobbs, Mike Whone, Dave Price, Joe Driver, Ken Guntin Randy Cook, Greg Mix, Alan Bergtson, Mac Mclean and Matt McKean.

Club Business:

Annual Show:

 The theme for next February’s Show is “Indochina Wars 45 -75.”

The SC AMPS Show is 22 June. 

We have a new member that joined us today: Ed Dalton

Models and Modeling Discussions:​

Mike Whone had three 1/35 models to share. His Tamiya German 223 Armored Car, Tamiya German Pzkw III painted in the Africa Corps scheme, and Dragon Kublewagen. All in various stages of completion.

Matt McKean had a 1/35 Tamiya S-35 Tank painted and decaled for a German captured vehicle.

Alan Bergtson had two 1/35 models. His Academy Merkiva Mk IV that he has been working on and his MiniArt SU-122-54.

Greg Mix had a 1/72 German King Tiger that he has mounted on a base and is just about completed.

Mac had a 1/35 Testors Pzkw I that he had some extensive scratch building parts added to improve detail and authenticity. It was mounted on a base that is presently unfinished.

Tony Zadro brought his DML German Stug A. He used Jaguar, Verlinden and Eduard aftermarket parts for added interior and exterior details. He used the Tamiya Stug B decals. He intendeds to put it on a base and added several figures.

Randy Cook had a 1/35 Hobby Boss French Panhard EBR Armored Car that was mounted to a base. He used Meng and Verlinden accessories on the base to depict the vehicle in a maintenance/refurbish scenario.

Ed Dalton brought his 1/35 Tamiya Sherman.

Club Project:

No new entry for the Club Project this month.

That's it for this month.

See everyone next month.