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AMPS Atlanta 2019 Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2019

HobbyTown USA

Attendees: Dave Black, Mike Reaves, Tony Zadro, David Hobbs, Kevin Westphal, Dave Price, Mike Wolf, Dave Oswalt, Dean Oswalt, Randy Bright, Ivan, Ed Dalton, Jesse Naughton and Phillip Hui.

Club Business:

The Orlando AMPS club is cohosting a show October 18-20 in Kissimmee, Fl.

HobbyTown’s Annual Swap Meet is October 19.

HobbyTown and MPM are sponsoring the Fernando Ruiz Painting Seminars, October 25-27 at HobbyTown.

Information can be found here:

We will be using AMPS Atlanta specific entry forms for the 2020 show in February. Those should uploaded to the website by the end of the week.

Models and Modeling Discussion:​

Dave Black had his M59A1 APC completed and ready for a primer coat. He used Archer weld beads and will be using Bronco Link-in-link track.

Dave Price had his Tacom 1/35 Marine M60A1 with Reactive Armor. He is painting it in a Modified four-color scheme used by the Marine Corps. He going to weather down the Camo pattern prior to adding the Reactive Armor.

Mike Wolf only three 1/72 kits this month. Two Takom Object 79s with Link-in-link track. One with the 130mm gun and one with the 152mm gun. Both were painted in the Postwar Russian Army Green. He also had the Trumpeter T-62 with Reactive Armor.

Ivan had a completed Dio of an Egyptian Sherman with an AMX 13 turret. The model is the Dragon 1/35 Sherman with Value Gear Stowage. He used Artist Oils to weather the vehicle and Parcel Figures. The building on the Dio is a Verlinden Middle East Ruin.

Jesse Naughton brought two in-process 1/35 models. A Meng Whippet and a Rye Field North African Tiger I.

Phillip Hui had a 1/72 M47 that he is converting from an M46 Kit. He has completely scratchbuilt the turret.

Kevin Westphal had two new in box kits. The Rye Field T34-122 and the Rye Field M55A1 TTS Sheridan. Both in 1/35.

Dave Hobbs had two books, a Tank Craft Chieftan and a Mushroom Chieftan. He also had two in box models.

Dave Black had some pictures of the National WW I Museum and the Frontier Soldier Museum from his trip to Kansas City.

Club Project:
No progress on the Club Project this month.

That's it for this month. 

Some of us went down to Sidelines for lunch and Lies.

See everyone next month.