Monthly Meetings

AMPS Atlanta 2018 Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2018

Hobbytown USA

Attendees: Dave Black, Tony Zadro, Mike Reaves, David Oswalt, David Hobbs, Mike Whone,Glenn Harlow, John Matlock, Joe Driver, Dave Price, Kevin Westphal, Bob Morales, Ivan and Mike Wolfe.

Club Business: 

Chattanooga IPMS show will be January 11 and 12.

Annual Show in February:

  - Model Registration Fee will go from $20 to $25 (Still unlimited entries)

  - The Hilton Marietta Conference Center is now accepting reservations for the show.  Rooms are $115 per night

  - The Awards Ceremony will move to 6 PM on Saturday

  - We are planning a Seminar on Making Soft Stowage (bed rolls, tarps, etc) for vehicles.

  _ We are going to need LOTS of help Judging Friday night in order to be able to have the Awards Ceremony Saturday night.

  - We are planning a visit to the Armor & Cavalry Museum Restoration Area  and the Sherman Building for Friday AM of the show.  Details to follow.

Ken Guntin has once again this year provided  the "Best Master" award.

Models and Modeling Discussion:​

​Dave Black had his in progress Cromwell T28E1 MGMC conversion. It is completed except for some last minute small details, and should be headed to the paint booth shortly.

Dave Price had his in progress 1/35 Takom Marine Corps M60A1 w/reactive armor. He has started the 4 color camouflage scheme using Vallejo paints.

Ivan, our newest member, brought two of his models today.  Trumpeter 1/35 BTR Command Vehicle painted in the Afghanistan paint scheme.  He used ICM figures with Hornet heads and painted them with Scale 75 paints.  He also added Value Gear stowage.  His second model is a German Bison 2 conversion built on a Dragon PKZ II chassis.He painted it in the Africa Corps scheme and added Alpine and Doug's Original figures.  It too had Value Gear Stowage added.

Bob Morales had a Fine Molds Type 1 Japanese tank and a Tamiya Valentine tank.  He painted both with Model Master paints and used link-to-link track on the Valentine.

Mike Wolfe had several 1/72 tanks. A Trumpeter T28, a KV 122, a JS 3 w/ 122 mm gun, but added a different muzzle, and a JS 4.

Mike Whone had his finished Tamiya M4E8  "Easy 8" mounted on a Verlinden Country Road base. He says it should be ready to enter in the Chattanooga show next month.

Kevin Westphal had two in box models, the 1/35 Tasca/Asukur Easy 8 and the !/35 Tasca/Asukur Type 74.

Glenn Harlow had an in box 1/35 Toons M26.

David Hobbs had several in box models, The Tamiya White Scout Car, The Takom Grant CDL, the Rye Field Panther ct-away with full interior and the Takom Fries Kron panther and maintenance crane.

Club Project:

The next part of the club project will be presented next month.

That's it for this month. 

As usual, some went over to Side Lines for lunch and lies. 

See everyone next month.