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AMPS Atlanta 2019 Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2019

HobbyTown USA

Attendees: Dave Black, Mike Reaves, Tony Zadro, Kevin Westphal, Mike Wolf, Dave Oswalt, Dean Oswalt, Ivan Momcilovic, Jesse Naughton, Greg Mix, Jim Schofield, Mac Gilbert, Lance Kilgore and Mike Whone.

Club Business:

The 2020 Show T-shirts are being preordered this week. Dave Black will be sending out an email for those that were not able to order at the meeting today.

Middle Tennessee IPMS will be holding their show November 23rd, in Murfreesboro, TN. More information can be found here:

We will be using AMPS Atlanta specific entry forms for the 2020 show in February. They have been uploaded to the website and will be the only ones used at the show.

Models and Modeling Discussion:​

Dave Black had his M59A1 APC completed, painted and weathered started. Decals are Archer. He used Ammo by MIG paint in US Olive Drab Post WW II.

Mike Wolf several 1/72 kits this month. The Armory Limited run kit of the M41A3. It was painted White Ensign OD. The Airfix Chieftain, IBG Panzer IV B&C, the IBG Crusader AA and the S&M Models FV432 all painted with White Ensign paints.

Jesse Naughton had his completed Meng Whippet. He used the kit decals with a slight modification and the kit tracks were painted with gun metal and brown. He also had his Vietnam Mutt jeep that he has made progress on and is awaiting some custom-made decals. 

Jim Schofeild had his in-progress T-28 Assault Gun. The kit has 64 road wheels which take some time to assemble. He has base coated the model in OD using the new Vallejo Spray can paints.

Tony Zadro Had his completed a mounted Hobby Boss M706 Armored Car set in a Vietnam themed Dio. He used Tamiya NATO Green, Dark Tan and Marine Green to paint the model. He added some Edward photo etch and DEF tires. The Billboard on the Dio was printed from the internet and mounted for the scene. The figures are from Bravo-6. He also had an old Verlinden Resin turretless V100.

Mike Whone had two Panther Gs and an in-progress Dragon Opel Maultier. Th Maultier has incorrect fenders for this version. The correct fenders are on the Ambulance version.

Kevin Westphal had two new in box kits. The Amusing Hobby Panther I and Conquer MKII.

Mac Gilbert demonstrated the Bondic UV-cured acrylic pen that he is using on his current build.

Club Project:

Mike Reaves presented the next part of the 2018-2019 club project on the M2/M3 Dragon Halftracks.

That's it for this month. 

Some of us went down to Sidelines for lunch and Lies.

See everyone next month.